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Mornings at the Block Island Farmers’ Markets

On some mornings, I like to eat a light breakfast and then walk over to the farmers’ markets in town. Every Wednesday from 9 to 11:30 a.m., the market at Manisses Parking Lot is crowded with Block Islanders offering their baked goods, crafts, artwork and seasonal produce grown here on the Island. I love to […]

Block Island Galleries Inspire and Refresh

One of the things I love most about Block Island is the diversity of entertainment. When I need a break from the beach, I always enjoy strolling through town and visiting all of the shops and galleries.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken time to visit local galleries for local artists’ exhibits that are […]

Summer on Block Island Always Pleases the Crowds

Have you been enjoying your summer vacation on Block Island?

I’ve been busier than usual this summer, what with entertaining house guests, hanging out at the beach and enjoying the weather on Block Island. I’m certain I saw some of you at Race Week XXV and then at the fireworks show at Fred Benson Town […]

Memorial Day Opens the Block Island Vacation Season

Memorial Day could not have been better! Some refreshing showers that kept Block Island wet and a bit of a breeze to keep us cool. Oh, wait. Sometimes I forget you’re not a duck like I am. I’ve heard that some of our unfeathered friends were a little discouraged by the rainy weather, but on […]

Nature Walks and Outdoor Adventures on Block Island

I moved to Block Island several years ago because I was struck by the natural beauty and the ability to spread my wings. I know I’m not alone. Everywhere I go on the island, I see people using the landscape as inspiration for painting, creating, exploring or just plain being.  My great great great grandfather […]

Block Island Restaurant Week Beckons with Glorious Feasts

Ohhhhh, boy. I’ve cut down on my worm, algae and bug eating recently and it’s about to pay off. Block Island Restaurant Week is approaching! Check it out.  

My friends at the Block Island Chamber of Commerce pull together more than 25 Block Island eateries that create special menus to show off their culinary […]

Time to Shake Your Tail Feathers at Block Island Music Fest

It’s been a busy past couple of days for me. I’m fairly certain that I saw some of you playing mini golf at the library on June 7-8, but I’m not always good with names. Apologies. I don’t golf often. It’s difficult to find customized clubs to fit my wingspan. But I make a point […]